Schloss Zwingenberg
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The property is owned by Ludwig Prince of Baden. and is situated in the so called Hoher Odenwald
The use of timber in the forests is done under the strict rule of sustainability: this means, that never more is cut than the growth allows. By this method the forest is never over exploited, so that the future generations can also benefit from growing and selling timber.

Presently about 12000 cubic metres of wood are sold on the market.

There are numerous different species of trees grown; e.g. beach, oak, pine and spruce, etc.


Inquiries can be made at:

Markgräflich Badisches Forstamt Zwingenberg
Contact: Herr Andreas Kluss
Tel: (0049) (0) 6263 411010
Fax: (0049) (0) 6263 4110114
Office hours: Mo - Fr 09.00– 15.00 Uhr

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