Schloss Zwingenberg
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The Castle dates from the Stauferperiod, the earliest parts being from the 12/13th centuries.

1326 The first owners were the lords of Zwingenberg, who were vassals to the counts of Hohenlohe
1364 Conquered and destroyed in the name of the emperor by the united forces of the
Palatinate and Württemberg. The fortress and estate were then immediately divided in two equal parts and bought by the Palatinate and the archbishoprie of Mainz

1778 1778 Karl Theodor of the Palatinate conferred it upon his natural son the count of Bretzenheim; the count’s mother the countess of Heydeck, was buried in the castle chapel, where her tomb still stands today.


1404 Beginning of the reconstruction of the castle by the brothers Hans and Eberhard
of Hirschhorn. The brothers were invested with the castle by Mainz and the Palatinate. We owe the building as it appears today essentially to them.
From then on the castle remains over two centuries in the ownership of the family of Hirschhorn.
1632 Upon the death of the childless Friedrich von Hirschhorn the family died out. There then began a dispute for the succession which lasted over a century
1696 1696 The palatine chancellor Baron von Wieser was invested with the castle. And the barons descendents kept it until 1746
1746 The descendant of Engelhard von Göler (a cousin of Friedrich von Hirschorn) could finally take possession of the castle but sold it to the Elector palatine. Under the palatine ruler Zwingenberg was a bailiwick.

1806 1808 When the palatinate was divided up upon Napoleons orders the new sovereign the Grand Duke Karl Friedrich of Baden purchased it with his own private means. Since then it has been family property of the house of Baden

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