Schloss Zwingenberg
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The castle of Zwingenberg is a well preserved medieval fortress from the 15th century and is privately owned and inhabited by Ludwig Prince of Baden

The tours are suitable for everyone regardless of age. Pupils, adults and small children alike will have an unforgettable experience. Even the youngest of visitors will not be disappointed.

Special requests are gladly accepted. For example you may combine a guided tour with a wine tasting at the family’s vine-yards.

Guided tours are also available to small groups ranging from 2 people with the minimum entrance fee of 50,-- € applicable.

However we must inform you that during the open air festivals from mid July until mid august guided tours are limited.


Inquiries can be made at:

Markgräflich Badisches Forstamt Zwingenberg
Contact: secretary
Tel: (0049) (0) 6263 411010
Fax: (0049) (0) 6263 4110114
Office hours: Mo –Fr 09.00 h -15.00 h

Or via our request formula

047     049   048   000   050

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