Schloss Zwingenberg
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The Chapel of Zwingenberg    

In the heart of the castle lays the
18th. Century chapel.

The chapel has a maximum capacity of 100 people and can be used for weddings, christenings, etc.
We will gladly arrange for the other venues (the old kitchen, Schlachthaus, or the castles terrace) to be at your disposal with regards to receptions, dinners, wine- tasting, or simply for get–together.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us for further advice.

Markgräflich Badisches Forstamt Zwingenberg
Contact: secretary
Tel: (0049) (0) 6263 411010
Fax: (0049) (0) 6263 4110114
Office hours: Mo –Fr 09.00 h -15.00 h

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